RE: bug: Alt text should identify image class when relevant

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> Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 5:30 AM
> On 27/01/2014 10:00, Steve Faulkner wrote:
> > <a href="">
> >    <img src="images/w3c_home.png" width="72" height="48"*alt="W3C
> web site"*>
> >    </a>
> >
> > the bug reporter is suggesting that because the image is a logo this
> > information should be included in the text.
> >
> > My thinking is that as the primary purpose of the image in the context
> > it is being used is as link content, the alt text should be a brief
> > description of the link target only.
> I'd agree with this. True, there may well be situations in which a user that
> can't perceive the image would like to know that it is, in fact, a logo - but this
> is, in my opinion, an edge case at best, as I would posit that the majority of
> users will be interested in the purpose of the image (acting as a link), rather
> than the nature of the image.

I don't think so much that it is important to note that it is a logo as it relates to nature of the image (branding) and its purpose on the page (branding, link).

IMO, a better @alt would encapsulate both: "W3C site: link home" or "Go to W3C site home page."

This way it retains both branding and link purpose/destination.

Of course, if the image is stored in a CMS with its @alt and is used somewhere other than a link home, then that @alt would be confusing. I do not (off the top of my head) know of a CMS that does this, however.

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