Re: Discussion re alternatives to ALT

David MacDonald wrote:
> To facilitate the discussion of allowing aria-labelledby, aria-label etc. to
> replace ALT text, here is a link to the previous discussion in November
> which covered a lot of ground.

Thanks for that David. Just as a note of clarification - we are not 
looking at aria-labelledby, aria-label etc as full replacements for ALT 
text - in the sense that we in anyway wish to reduce the use of @alt, or 
to imply that it isn't somehow meeting web users needs. It many cases, 
it's a perfect solution.

However, as technologies and tools are rapidly changing - we do need to 
explore new use cases and design patterns. So currently, for example, we 
are looking at use cases for <figure>/<figcaption> in the absence of the 
ability - via an authoring tool or web UI - to create @alt text - where 
the authoring tool/UI may allow the creation of a <figcaption>.

Obviously, the above example ties into our larger ongoing discussion on 
'alternative' @alt mechanisms and their various strengths and weakness.



Received on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 18:59:03 UTC