Outlines for new Implementation guide documents for Core (previously WAI-ARIA), HTML 5.1, and SVG2

Here is the URL to find links to the 3 outlines:

This is a work in progress but I have started the outlines for each. We
should discuss these at the Face to Face.

Essentially, the Core spec. depends on using the current ARIA
implementation guide as is with some modifications to ensure re-use by HTML
5.1 and SVG 2.0 implementation guides. For ARIA 1.1 and the others we would
like changes to the core Implementation guide to be at a minimum beyond
what is needed for ARIA 1.1 and the HTML 5.1 and SVG 2 specs. would
reference the core document as much as possible. For example, examples
having the same host language semantics in the host platform as the would
for ARIA in the core specification there is no reason to duplicate the
mapping. Additionally, states, event notification, etc. should be the same
where they match. Yet, each host language will have different name
computation rules as they have different elements and attribute
definitions. i.e. SVG elements have a <desc> and <title>  child for
elements and these should play into the description and name computation
where they don't exist in HTML.

ARIA 1.1 will be designed to fill gaps in HTML 5 support and align with
HTML 5.1. Members of the SVG working group and the SVG accessibility
Community group have been discussing a separate ARIA role module for
drawings that would be separate from the core ARIA 1.1 spec. If that
happens then additional implementation guides and references to those in
SVG would need to take place. The drawing taxonomy should also be
applicable to HTML5 Canvas fallback elements bout to drawing objects on the
physical canvas .


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