RE: Minutes: HTML A11y TF telecon, 20th February 2014

I need to correct something that I said in today's A11Y TF meeting.

PC: Need to read the HTML WG charter, which says we'll actively ppursue convergance with the WHATWG.

<paulc> See section 4

Unfortunately I referred to an outdated WG charter and should have referred to the text in the current HTML WG charter at:
which states:

The HTML Working Group should maintain a liaison with the following groups:
·         Community Groups<>, including but not limited to Web Hypertext Application Technology Community Group<>, Responsive Images Community Group<> and HTML Editing APIs Community Group<>.
·         WHATWG<>, a community of people interested in evolving HTML and related technologies.
·         Web and TV Interest Group<>, a forum for Web and TV technical discussions to identify requirements and potential solutions to ensure that the Web will function well with TV.
The HTML Working Group will consider proposals for future specifications from Community Groups, encourage open participation from Community Group members, and keep coordination with relevant Community Groups, all within the bounds of the W3C patent policy and available resources.
I apologize for this error especially since it may have impacted the conversation we were having at the time.


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The minutes for today's telecom can be accessed via the links below.




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