Bugs marked new/fixed with a11y keyword

Chaals & Steve,


Whilst looking at bugs filed during the last couple of weeks, I came across
a handful that have been marked as “Fixed”, but which still show their
status as “New”. Think  “New” should be changed to “Resolved”? Happy to do
so if you agree.


Bug 24594 – longdesc URL checking


Assigned to Chaals, marked as new/fixed.


Bug 24571 – document parsing should discuss setting up accessibility APIs


Assigned to no one, marked as new/fixed.


Bug 24615 – Define Accessibility API behavior for dynamic changes to input
element type attribute


Assigned to Steve F, marked as new/fixed.


Bug 24654 – Add definition of ”layout table” and make it equal to tables or


Assigned to Steve F, marked as new/fixed.


Bug 24678 – is this reflected by data?


Assigned to Steve F, marked as new/fixed.


Bug 24685 – unsure this advice is good


Assigned to Steve, marked as new/fixed.






The Paciello Group.

Received on Wednesday, 19 February 2014 13:45:41 UTC