[Bug 13437] Editorial changes to The Video element (5 of 5)


--- Comment #8 from Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com> ---
John's proposed change was explicitly: "Captions, subtitles or other additional
visual tracks must remain available and visible at all times."

That doesn't indicate "controls" to me, so I assume you want to extend the bug
to both: the display of captions as well as the availability of controls. Fair

Charles wrote:
> Where they are being rendered over the top of the video, this seems only
> mildly complicated. But where they are being rendered in a separate region,
> e.g. alongside, I think this is tricky. Is there a way to identify where such
> things are being rendered? (It must be possible in principle, since they are
> actually being rendered into *some* space. What I don't know is how difficult
> it is in practice…)

The browser never renders captions anywhere but over the top of the video. So
we're already covered.

So, addressing the issues:

1. Availability of captions when rendered "in manners more suitable to the

The section in question is about the video element and how the video is
rendered within the width and height of the video element. The relevant
paragraph merely states that "User agents may allow users to view the video
content in manners more suitable to the user (e.g. full-screen or in an
independent resizable window)." Neither this paragraph, nor this section say or
change anything about the rendering of captions. This is simply not the right
place to talk about caption rendering.

In particular, any caption rendering is already included earlier through the

"The video element also represents any text track cues whose text track cue
active flag is set and whose text track is in the showing mode, and any audio
from the media resource, at the current playback position."

How that happens is specified in the "time marches on" algorithm of "
Playing the media resource". There is no exclusion specified there for where
the video is rendered, so all cases are included.

2. Availability of controls

I could imagine extending this sentence:
"In such an independent context, however, user agents may make full user
interfaces visible, with, e.g., play, pause, seeking, and volume controls, even
if the controls attribute is absent."

to include mention of "change the display of closed captions or embedded
sign-language tracks" in the e.g. list.

Even so: all this is covered much better and in much more detail at
and it seems strange to repeat this all again.

Have you got any examples where this has been an issue? All UAs that I have
experienced do the right thing with video in full screen displaying captions
and controls.

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