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HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

03 Oct 2013

   PaulC, JF, Suzanne, MarkS, Judy, DavidM, Cynthia


   longdesc Testing
   longdesc comment processing
   Consensus Procedures

longdesc Testing

Chaals: call for consensus on tests had very low turnout

<MarkS> Longdesc testing WBS
Chaals: appear that we have tests, though
... we need people who are able to run api tests

<chaals> ACTION: marks to test longdesc in APIs [recorded in  
<trackbot> Created ACTION-200 - Test longdesc in apis [on Mark Sadecki -  
due 2013-10-10].
chaals: implementing long desc shouldn't be too diffult on brower side;  
validation seems okay - there are validators like that

MarkS: should we extend the survey

chaals: not sure if it would help

JF: the tests look complete

chaals: Even big groups like webapps might only get 2-3 people to really  
focus on viewing the tests
... it is very useful to have people look over and reply on even just some  
of the tests

JF: will take a look; 60-70% through already

<inserted> [Steve F documented how different browsers handle longdesc in  
accessibilty APIs]
longdesc comment processing

chaals: we have a wiki page with the comments that came in

<MarkS> Longdesc comments wiki page
chaals: we will go through a call for consensus process on each comment  
and if we agree with each, we will provide that as a comment and see how  
it goes; feel free to edit the wiki or write to the list
... in connection with any comment
... has anyone taken a look

MarkS: took a look and made some edits; may need to edits to soften the  

Consensus Procedures

<MarkS> Consensus Procedure flowchart and email announcement
<MarkS> Consensus Procedure Text
chaals: a couple editorial changes
... replies will need to be on email or on survey, not in a teleconference
... changed term "natural days" to "consecutive days"

Paul: why does the Task Force need a meeting to kick off a question?

Chaals: We don't. PF wanted to be sure that a topic when open could be  
discussed in a teleconference
... 3 working days minimum and 7 consecutive days were mentioned

<chaals> text of new proposal
<chaals> s|->  
Consensus Procedure flowchart and email announcement||
<chaals> s|->  
Consensus Procedure Text|
Paul: the three working days would have to include a Thursday in order to  
allow the teleconference

Chaals: this policy doesn't use the teleconference to make the decision,  
just should be possible to get questions answered in a teleconference  
during the period

<JF> me/ still cannot access that URL
Cynthia: PF relies on teleconference and HTML doesn't work that way, this  
is some compromise

JB: the intent was not emulate either, but to tailor to the needs of this  
... taskforce needs to be able to set up it's own working processes, but  
is subject to the processes of the working groups, when the specs come up  
for publication there

Paul: there are enough changes here, we'll have to re-run the CFC

chaals: further business? subteam reports?

PaulC: will the TF review the last call of MSE, which closes Oct 17

chaals: will take action to ensure it is placed on a future agenda

(seems to be concern there is little time)

Paul: Media Streaming Extensions - output from the media task force - will  
probably go to CR quickly - we should look at it for sure

chaals: let's close call and spend next 30 minutes to do longdesc tests,  
review MSE, or other useful tasks

JB: we should get volunteers to do this

chaals: unclear that we'll have anyone look. janina had expressed concerns

<chaals> ACTION: chaals to look for review of MSE in the TF
<trackbot> Created ACTION-201 - Look for review of mse in the tf [on  
Charles McCathie Nevile - due 2013-10-10].
<MarkS> ACTION: msadecki to look at MSE Spec
<trackbot> Created ACTION-202 - Look at mse spec [on Mark Sadecki - due  

david: does anyone have info on what janina's concern was?

PC: can ping janina or search previous minutes

JF: looked at MSE on a high level, and didn't see concerns
... might be good for a11y

chaals: generally still a need for more review for this if anyone is  

<paulc> Thanks and bye
<chaals> [thanks Suzanne for scribing]

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