Call for Consensus: Publish HTML Image Descriptions as Last Call


this is a call for consensus on the proposal:

THe HTML Accessibility Task Force requests that the HTML and PF Working  
Groups jointly publish a Last Call Working Draft of the HTML Image  
Description extension, based on the 24 June editor's draft at

Silence will be taken as assent, but a positive response is preferred.  
Please respond to before the call closes at  
midnight on Monday 1 July (Hawaii Time zone).

Changes since the Second Public Working Draft of June 6 are editorial in  
nature. The most significant ones are identified at

There is one issue identified in the draft, which is a request for a  
better reference for checking accessibility of content. We have already  
agreed that if we don't find a more appropriate reference we will simply  
close the bug and leave it as is.

In addition, in a late comment on the last draft[1] Peter Gruzca  
foreshadowed a potential issue of changing the requirement for making  
longdesc discoverable from "should" to "must". In my reply[2], I have  
requested that if he wishes to formally propose the issue he does so as a  
comment on the Last Call (assuming we reach consensus and the Last Call is  




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Received on Monday, 24 June 2013 17:17:22 UTC