Issue-203 Update--We need a conditional CP

HTML-WG Chairs, John and All:

As per Task Force discussion during the 2 February teleconference:

I raised our Task Force concern regarding the inherent Issue-203 dependency on Issue-30 in the HTML-WG telecon. Discussion is logged at:

It was recommended that we file a CP on Issue-203 by the due date of 18

It was recommended this CP be written to note  that processing of Issue-203 should:

a.)	Await a decision on Issue-30 reconsideration.

b.)	Indicate that the long description mechanism that results from
Issue-30 reconsideration is incorporated into the Issue-203 proposal in

c.)	This procedure be explicitly validated by an email exchange with
HTML-WG Chairs.

The relevant excerpt from the above cited HTML-WG telecon minutes

rubys: important that we get CP for these issues - if we don't get
proposals the issues will be deferred to

janina: a11y tf thinks issue 203 should be considered after issue 30
 ... since one depends on the other
  ... you need both an alt text and a longdesc for the media element -
  this is separate from the poster that it may have
   ... we in good shape on the alt but not on the longdesc because we
   don't yet know which mechanism we will end up with for that

   rubys: are you suggesting the deadline moved after?

   janina: yes, to start after the longdesc question is resolved

   paulc: are you asking that we don't process 203 before 30 or that we
   delay calling change proposals


janina: delaying change proposals call because the only thing that could
be proposed is used longdesc or described by that we're+talking about in
 ... CP will be to apply that mechanism to the video tag

 paulc: could you write the CP saying using the solution from issue 30
  ... then all we have to make sure we don't come to a decision on 203
  before 30

  rubys: before the deadline?

  janina: yes
   ... if that kind of conditional proposal is acceptable then this is

   paulc: suggest that you get this into the CP and ask for explicit
   permission from chairs



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