clicking in HTML


ACTION-137 is to check that the HTML spec allows keyboard generation of  
click from the primary activation. I searched for every mention of "click"  
to check what happens...

Some relevant sections: Interactive content
  says whatever activation method is used should trigger a click event,  
which is trusted. In other words, what we are hoping.
  Ditto Implicit submission, 4.11.3 The command element, 7.4.1  
Sequential focus navigation and the tabindex attribute.

4.6.1 the a element, describing img with ismap
  says that clicks coming from a non-pointing device should set x=y=0
  (this could use a warning that this creates obvious accessibility  
problems, and where possible a more robust approach such as usemap or svg  
should be considered).
Same applies to - the image button state (type=image).

4.8.13 area element, activation behaviour
  says if a click is untrusted - e.g. comes from click method, don't  
activate. I need to check whether an activation behaviour other than a  
pointer is considered trusted, but it should be...

5.1.6 Browsing context names
  activation behaviours are treated like mouse-generated clicks.

7.3 Inert subtrees
  These can be seen, but if you click on them with a mouse the click goes  
to the body (or other parent that is not inert) element. But they are not  
focusable. As far as I can tell, this is no problem because it is only  
used to make modal dialogues modal, but the definition seems horribly  
circular so I am hoping that I read it right and nobody else will read it  

My conclusion is that there isn't an issue here, and the spec does the  
right thing with regards to triggering click from non-pointer devices.

And I suggest we close ACTION-137



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Received on Friday, 7 December 2012 02:20:53 UTC