Request to re-open issue 131


Per your request. I would like to request that the chairs reopen issue 131.

In the chair's decision on issue 131

- The chairs did not have adequate information as to the definition of a
text Baseline property supplied in text metrics.
- The removal of canDrawCustom was not adopted even though it was possible
for an author draw a custom focus ring without it matching the actual path
provided to drawFocusRing.

 We would like to reopen this issue for the following reasons:

- We will provide a change proposal that includes the additional
information needed to define the text baseline and because after
discussions with developers, such as Tab Atkins, it was agreed it would be
of tremendous value to have the text baseline to compute focus rings around
text rendered on the canvas.
- I spoke with Maciej at the Apple campus after the decision and he felt it
would be better for developers to have two separate API for drawing focus
rings. One would be for drawing a focus ring that took on the standard
platform drawing conventions for a focus ring and a separate custom focus
ring that would allow an author to draw a custom focus ring but still drive
magnification features in the browser.
- I would like to bring our spec. closer to WhatWg which attempted to
separate out drawFocusRing into two methods for the reasons Maciej stated.
Ian had made those changes to the WhatWG spec. after also speaking with

Rich Schwerdtfeger

Received on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 16:01:37 UTC