Re: Concerns and unaddressed issues for the HTML 5 specifications

On 05/24/2011 06:54 AM, Laura Carlson wrote:
> Another one is ISSUE-80 title. Steve is working on reopening that issue.

Here's the efforts that I am aware of:

Note that we DO have tangible progress on issues like 80 and 131, in the 
form of a Change Proposal which is in the process of being revised in 
response to chair feedback, and no NOT have evidence of tangible 
progress on issues like 120 (unrelated to accessibility) and 142.

My guess is that some of these efforts (I'm not suggesting that this 
includes accessibility issues) will eventually become abandoned.

The issues for which I am confident will be seen through to closure 
appear on this page:

My personal preference (which I have not vetted with my co-chairs) is 
that we link to one or both of these pages (or similar pages) and keep 
them up to date.

> Best Regards,
> Laura

- Sam Ruby

> On 5/24/11, Laura Carlson<>  wrote:
>> Hi Janina, Judy and all,
>> I believe Gregory is working reopening table summary and John is
>> working on reopening poster alt. Those HTML issues are:
>> ISSUE-32: table-summary
>> ISSUE-142: poster-alt
>> So they should probably be identified in the spec.
>> Best Regards,
>> Laura
>> --
>> Laura L. Carlson

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