[Bug 10919] Allow role="presentation" to override the default role of any element


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> Good question. I bet it hasn't been properly considered. Will you file a bug or
> send an email on the ARIA spec about what UAs should do in this case?

I'm not sure about where to file bugs. But I did hower send a message to James
Craig + wai-xtech@ again, where I also mentioned the table cell thing:


That said, perhaps this isn't very complicated anyhow - the answer is contained
inside ARIA's concept of 'required owned elements'. For example, ARIA says
that: ''' Explicit roles on a descendant or owned element override the
inherited role of presentation, and cause the owned element to behave as any
other element with an explicit role. '''.

So I think that in case of 
   <table role=presentation><tr><td tabindex=0 >Lorem</td></tr></table>

then this would be equal to
      <div><div><div tabindex=0 >Lorem</div></div></div>

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