[Bug 10919] Allow role="presentation" to override the default role of any element


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> This use case is void, since the accessibility tree is not intended for
> "unsighted" users only.

I did give that point a thought when I suggested to use role=presentation on
that link. But it is possible that I didn't give it enough thought, of course.

I have to say that to myself, it seems quite meaningful that a link can be
presentational.  With the caveat that it is possible that ARIA disagrees with
me that this should be possible, I also think that if a deaf person browses
that example, then he or she would use a 'normal' browser, and would use the
mouse or keyboard to activate the link to the large version of the image -
without any problems whatsoever. 

With the abvoe caveats, do you have any use case were the example would fail?

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