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> http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec/text-level-semantics.html#the-a-element

I suppose that you, eventually, also meant 



As for use cases, here are 3 usecase for a, area and summary.

<a>: For <a href=* role=presentation> then the usecase 'Describing a Newspaper
Image' of the Instate Longdesc CP, lists one:



<a href=large-version.jpg 
      role=presentation >
     <img longdesc=description.html 
               alt="Lorem ipsum">

Here the link is just presentational - it has little value for someone who is

Another, possible use case: some times an element is split into more than one
anchor element, where each has hte same URI. May be it would be useful to make
it so that only one of the links are pereceived as a link.

For <area>, then I am  not certain what happens it if gets role=presentation,
but I suppose it means that @aria-*,  @alt and @title attribute are ignored. If
so, then may be  it could be useful e.g. if one wanted to use anchor elements -
only - for AT and perhaps both area and anchors for non AT.

For <summary>, if <summary> is given role=presentation, then it would be equal
to there not being any summary element - summary would instead just be a normal
part of the body of the details element. When there is no summary element, then
HTML5 says: 'If there is no child summary element, the user agent should
provide its own legend (e.g. "Details").'  Clearly, there are use cases for not
having a summary element. But whether there are usecases for having <summary>
be treated as the content of the <details> elelement - that I don't know. But
if thbe content <summary> is entirely useless - e.g. if it is just whitespace
or a presentational image ... etc.

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