Re: no-title CP - remarks

Steve Faulkner, Wed, 11 May 2011 20:03:33 +0100:

> you wrote:
> "It is fair enough to ask the group like that. But I feel that when you
> threat to withdraw your proposal unless you have your way, then you put
> pressure on me to withdraw my own CP:"
> I am not threatening, my understanding is that within the a11y 
> taskforce, we are trying to reach a consensus position on the various 
> decisions, which can then be put forward to the HTML wg chairs for 
> consideration.
> I agree with this process and therefore do not seek to undermine or 
> circumvent it.

Consensus process is an interesting decision system: following its 
rules, such as executing a veto that some incarnations of the consensus 
system operates with, may lead other participants to feel that the 
process has been undermined or circumvented.

On last text subgroup meeting, it was accepted that I could stand aside 
or reserve myself w.r.t. title/alt - this is also a feature of 
consensus. However, if we agree about one proposal, then that is better 
and the "true" consensus.

For the moment, I'll look my own CP to see were I can near myself to 
your CP. As I understand it, it is important to you that a @title alone 
should never be considered conforming. This is also, btw, what I said 
in my poll vote.
Leif H Silli

Received on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 21:12:58 UTC