Re: [media] alt technologies for paused video (and using ARIA)

Hi, All:

Editing in order to focus specifically on transcripts ...

Silvia Pfeiffer writes:
> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 12:56 PM, John Foliot <> wrote:
> > Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
> >> 3. a possibility to link a full transcription of the video to the
> >> video and provide it in the context menu
> >
> > One potential use case not captured here is the case where we have the
> > 'better' structural navigation we've talked about (but not yet spec'd),
> > such as 'chapters' and/or sub-chapters that users could skip to - each of
> > those 'chapter points' could/would have a default 'still' that we should
> > address as well. We discussed this very briefly at the face-to-face in
> > March.
> That is actually time-aligned information and already solved with the
> type "chapters" in the TextTrack API. Naomi from Google is actually
> giving a demo at Google I/O about this this week. It is not the target
> of this discussion, so any feature changes/addition to  "chapters"
> should be discussed in a different thread. I don't want to side track
> this discussion here. There is already enough to discuss here.

I believe it is very much relevant inasmuch as the text transcript
should also support navigation.

To put it otherwise, the existence of a transcript should not preclude
viewing of the video or auditioning of the audio. It is not a case of
either you consume the media or you consume the transcript. We need to
support both, time aligned.

This is why I don't think the approach of a pointer to the transcript in
a context menu--as an attribute on the main element makes sense. It
doesn't meet the transcript use case, as I understand it.

Perhaps we need to clarify the use case for transcript?


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