Re: HomePageReader (was RE: Moving longdesc forward: Recap, updates, consensus)

Both of you are right.
Home Page Reader is not maintained now even in Japan while it still has 
many active users in Japan.
The status might change in the near future, but at this point the 
description in the current Change Proposal seems to be quite appropriate.

> Home Page Reader has native support of longdesc and is still used in 
Japan for longdesc, even though it stopped being maintained five years 


"John Foliot" <> wrote on 2011/05/06 10:16:27:
> Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> >
> >
> > Also, I think we should openly state that Home Page Reader stopped
> > being maintained half a decade ago, if we're going to cite it
> > as an example implementation.
> While I believe this is the case in North America, I recall hearing from 

> more than one colleague from the Asian Pacific region that HPR is still 
> active use there. I will follow up and try to confirm that.
> JF

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