[media] alt technologies for paused video

Hi all,

Over the last weeks I've been putting together ideas about what
requirements we have for alt technologies on videos that are either
paused by default or not displayed because of text-only displays.

My current state of mind is that we need to solve three use cases:

1. a brief description that will give the casual "tab"-passer-by an
impression as to what the video is about to help them make a
play/noplay decision

2. longer descriptions that give a bit more detail and describe, e.g.
the poster and give a summary of the content; this is often text
already available elsewhere on the page

3. a possibility to link a full transcription of the video to the
video and provide it in the context menu

With this in mind I have put together a proposal for attributes that
satisfy these use cases.

I've concretely suggested to introduce the following attributes on <video>:

1. To satisfy use case 1: @aria-label

2. To satisfy use case 2: @aria-describedby

3. To satisfy use case 3: a new attribute @transcription

All the details of my proposal are at:

This page also has several examples that show how the proposed
attributes would be used.

While my focus is on video, the same attributes can also be used on <audio>.

I would like to suggest a discussion of this proposal here on list and
in the next media subgroup meeting.

Best Regards,

Received on Friday, 6 May 2011 07:10:35 UTC