Re: [media] how to support extended text descriptions

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 7:57 PM, Masatomo Kobayashi <> wrote:
>> > 2. Then the user clicks on the pause button to pause the video, but
> this
>> > will resume the video unexpectedly as the video is already paused and
> the
>> > button is a toggle button.
>> No, this is not how I understand it. Since the video will be in a
>> non-paused state, just a "paused for user interaction" state like
>> described here:
>> iframe-element.html#paused-for-user-interaction
>> . Thus, if the user hits "pause", the video's state will change to
>> "paused" and the video will not start playing. Also, if the user hits
>> "play" again, I believe the video will also continue to stay in
>> "paused for user interaction" state until the "pauseOnExit" flas is
>> set to false. I am not sure about that latter part though.
> Thank you, I missed your original discussion with Ian on the use of the
> "paused for user interaction" state.
> So, we need an additional small modification to the spec as it currently
> says that cues with the pause-on-exit flag invoke the normal pause()
> method?

Hmm, I think you are right. I think it needs to go into "paused for
user interaction" state in step 5 of the media playback algorithm at
rather than calling the video's "pause" action. Eric, Philip, what do
you think?

> I am unfamiliar with other expected usages of the pause-on-exit flag and
> the "paused for user interaction" state, so I am not sure about whether
> the flag can always lead to the state or not.

Yes, I have the same issue and have asked that question in email. But
it might be worth filing a bug.


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