Text Subteam: Role=Presentation plus alt="foo"


You will recall that we have attempted to clear remaining questions
regarding that part of the HTML-WG decision on Issue-31 Alt dealing with
role=presentation and alt="" in the Text Subteam. We've been generally
agreed that this part of the Chairs ruling is correct. The only question
remaining has concerned the situation when:

role=presentation and aria="foo"

Is it an error? Should a bug be filed to treat this as an error?

The question was discussed fruitfully at today's (daylong) User Agent
Implementation Task Force teleconference:


The conclusion of this discussion is that:

*	It's not necessarily an error -- (Thank you, James Nurthen!)

*	The UAIG is the appropriate document to discuss this question,
*	and the UAI TF will document the appropriate considerations.

Therefore, it is suggested the Text Subteam can drop any further action
on this question. If there are concerns or questions, may I suggest we
take them up at the upcoming Text teleconference?



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