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HTML-A11Y Task Force Minutes for 9 June

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 12:01:26 -0400
To: HTML Accessibility Task Force <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
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Minutes from the 9 June 2011 teleconference of the HTML-A11Y Task Force
are provided below in text and are available as hypertext at:


Thanks to Leonie for scribing.


                                                           - DRAFT -

                                          HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

09 Jun 2011


   See also: IRC log


          Michael_Cooper, JF, Steve_Faulkner, Janina_Sajka, Léonie_Watson, +44.207.391.aaaa, Lynn_Holdsworth, paulc,

          Marco_Ranon, Laura_Carlson


          Leonie, janina


     * Topics
         1. Organizing Last Call Review http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Spec_Review
         2. Process Revisions Discussion[See "** Resource: Key Task Force URIs" below]
     * Summary of Action Items

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   <janina> Meeting: HTML-A11Y telecon

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Organizing Last Call Review http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Spec_Review

   JS: We have people signed up to look at some parts of the HTML5 spec, but it would be useful to have people signed up
   to cover all of it. Ideally two people for each section.

   <cyns> url for wiki?

   JF: Janina, can you define what the expected outcomes are?

   JS: I think were looking for technical issues in the spec that might create difficulties for a11y. Also editorial
   problems, but I wouldn't regard those at the same level as the technical.

   MC: Section 1, structure... Cynthia will find someone at MS, need reviewers from Apple and Mozilla.

   EC: James would be happy to review it.

   CS: Haven't found anyone at MS.

   MC: Section 2: Element and content models... Ask Gregory.

   JS: Haven't been able to contact him.

   MC: We need more people on this one.
   ... This section is about how elements work, and about global attributes.

   JS: We'll come back to this.

   CS: Could we put it on the agenda for the PF meeting?

   JS: It was. *Smiles.

   MC: Section 3ARIA... Have assigned this one to the ARIA sub team.

   JS: Cynthia, you might have the freshest view.

   CS: That's a good idea.
   ... How about Martin Kliem?

   JS: We're not sure what time Martin has available now he's governor of the city.

   MC: Section 4: Dynamic markup insertion... Cynthia has signed up for this.

   JS: Need one more person.

   MC: Cynthia, you're signed up for a lot...

   CS: I'll go through my list.

   <cyns> can someone put the url in here?

   MC: Section 5: Head, document metadata... ...

   JF: There was a discussion about metadata and dublin core a while ago, I'm wondering if that's in scope here or not?

   MC: It's probably in scope, although relevant to one particular piece of it.
   ... This isn't our highest priority section, but we do want to take a look. I'll put John down for now...
   ... Section 6: Scripting... Needs a cursory review...

   LH: I can do that onee.

   MC: Section 7: Block...

   I can take a look at that.

   MC: Section 8: Inline elements...

   I can have a run at this one as well.

   MC: Section 9: Image... Assign to the sub team?

   JS: We should read through it for something else than what we've already covered in teh sub team.

   JB: I think having someone else take a fresh look would be good, but to co-ordinate with the text sub group.
   ... Someone from the text group who isn't working on it already perhaps?

   MC: Section 10: Embeds... There have been changes to iframe that need review in particular.

   JS: Could this be something to ask Gez about?

   MC: Can put him down with a question mark.
   ... Section 11: Media...

   JS: I expect both John and I will read it. We should ask Geoff to look at it as well I think.
   ... I can ask Markku.

   JB: I'll be talking with Geoff later today as well.

   MC: Section 12: Canvas... The canvas sub team are on this, anyone else?

   JS: This is hard to take outside of that group.

   SF: The stuff in the spec itself, the HTML part, is not that great.
   ... There were changes to the canvas HTML spec (not the 2d spec) that I've asked to be reverted, so there's another
   fork happening there.

   MC: Section 13: Imagemaps... Assuming this should be a light (ish) review, but it could not turn out that way.

   SF: I'll look at that.

   MC: Section 14: Math...
   ... For sure Neil ? and John Gardner.
   ... Section 15: SVG... Charles McCathieNevile and John Gardner.

   Section 16: Tables...

   CS: Did we suggest Gregory?

   MC: He's not assigned on the wiki ATM. I think there was someone else interested in tables a couple of years back?

   JS: That was Josh.

   CS: Would he also be interested in the global attributes section?

   LH: I don't mind looking at the tables section as well.

   MC: Section 16: Forms... Cynthia signed up, needs careful review.

   JS: Gregory was interested in this area. It's of interest and we haven't looked at it recently.
   ... Maybe Josh again?

   MC: Will put him down.
   ... Section 17: Details...

   SF: I'll look at those.

   MC: Section 18: Pseudo elements, classes... Would like to reach out to Stefan...

   JS: Can we reach out to Stefan this week?

   <eric_carlson> can someone please remind me when these reviews need to be completed?

   MC: Section 19: Links...
   ... I'll add myself to a couple of sections.
   ... Section 20: Landmarks...

   I can try and take a look at that.

   MC: Section 21: User agents... We wanted to co-ordinate with the user agent wg. They have their own wiki page.

   JS: I think we have enough to cover of our own, so can leave it at that.

   MC: Section 22: Offline... Asked Rich, Greg and ideally some AT developers.

   JS: Rich probably has best contacts with ATs.

   MC: Section 23: Scripting...Cynthia was going to ask someone at MS, and we were going to ask Gex
   ... Section 24: Focus/keyboard shortcuts...

   JF: Chaarles MN is also interested in this are, could we ask him?

   JB: If Gregory remains unavailable, I'd like to look at this section.

   MC: Section 25: Content editable...
   ... It's fairly technical, and also important.

   JS: I think we need to look to our corporate members here.

   JF: What about Matt May?
   ... If not him specifically, inside of Adobe there might be some interest.

   MC: Section 26: Drag and drop...

   JF: Everett Zufelt was interested...

   JS: Not sure of his availability.

   MC: We previously asked Gez for help...
   ... Section 27: Syntax... Cynthia was to co-ordinate with MS. We could use other implementors (Apple, Opera) to help.

   JS: Also IBM perhaps.

   MC: Will assign company names for the moment then.
   ... Section 28: Rendering... One for the UAAG...
   ... We could put down the company names again.

   JF: What about Google?
   ... Charles Chen, TV Raman, Naomi Black?

   MC: Good point.
   ... Section 29: Obsolete features... Should be light weight...

   JF: You can put me down for this one.

   JS: Let me reiterate... Kepp an eye on this page from time to time.


   JS: It's incredibly important, this specification is going to define a lot in the coming years.
   ... Let's think of this in terms of finding the people we need to achieve the best outcome.
   ... Any questions?

   JB: More a suggestion, to reemphasise the timeline for this review. So issues can be brought back, written up in good
   time before the deadline.

   EC: Also a more detailed description of what we're hoping to find, posted on the wki, for people not on this telecon
   would be helpful.

   JB: It might make sense to find out who could do their sections as early as possible.

   JS: If we don't have to wait till July to deal with some of this...
   ... If we could start looking/reviewing sooner and bring comments forward, that would be helpful.
   ... Put comments into the wiki if possible, or via email if that's problematic.
   ... The end of the process is 3rd August, so no later than mid July for our review. We can't handle everything at that
   point though, so we need to identify some earlier timelines.

   JB: I'm wondering if there is anyone who is able to commit to bring in anything for next week or the week after?

   CS: I can commit to finding people inside MS in that timeframe.

Process Revisions Discussion[See "** Resource: Key Task Force URIs" below]

   JB: Would like to kick around some times when the text sub group could talk... I'm guessing two/three one hour

   JS: Currently myself and Cynthia. The minutes from the telcon a couple of weeks ago...

   JB: Is there anyone on this call who wasn't on the previous discussions who would be interested in re-examining the
   process of the timeline?

   *No response.

   JB: We could bring back a summary and that might prompt some questions.

   <JF> ciao

   <janina> scribe: janina

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

Present: Michael_Cooper JF Steve_Faulkner Janina_Sajka Léonie_Watson +44.207.391.aaaa Lynn_Holdsworth paulc +1.510.367.aabb
Regrets: Marco_Ranon Laura_Carlson


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