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[Bug 12776] Define process for deciding whether a draft is REC-track or Note-track

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Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2011 09:40:33 +0000
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--- Comment #12 from Michael[tm] Smith <mike@w3.org> 2011-06-03 09:40:33 UTC ---
I have come around to thinking that the group does not need to have a policy to
address this at all.

Or rather, it needs to keep the current implicit policy the group already has
been using -- which is that any HTML WG draft deliverable can contain normative
requirements if the editor of the draft chooses to have the draft contain them.
And if anybody disagrees with particular normative requirements in a draft,
then they just do what they can already do now: File a bug report requesting
that those particular requirements be changed or removed.

This gives all editors in the group equal authority to introduce useful
requirements in a draft any time they see a need to do so, and to ask the group
and the public to review the requirements in that draft and provide feedback on

In cases where there is disagreement among editors (and among members of the
group) about particular normative requirements, and there has not yet been a
working-group decision to resolve that disagreement, the policy change proposed
in this bug report would hamstring editors of particular drafts, blocking them
being able to get real spec text out for wider review in the same way that
other editors in the group can.

So instead, for cases where we do end up with a draft that has normative spec
text that conflicts with another draft, then the right way to resolve that is
to get a working-group decision about that particular text, and so ultimately
require that one or both of the drafts be changed to remove the conflict.

After such a working-group decision, if all normative requirements from a
particular draft end up having been removed, then language can be added to the
Abstract and Status sections of that draft to make it clear that it does not
contain any normative requirements.

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