Re: Two efforts to kill longdesc

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 6:20 PM, Laura Carlson
<> wrote:
> Hi Silvia,
>> What more can I say... thanks for the explanations of our activites! :-)
>> I am merely trying to make aria-describedby better. It's not attack on
>> anything else.
> Okay. Thanks.
> Do you now support the longdesc change proposal?

I've made suggestions for improvement of this change proposal before.
Also, as stated before, I have issues with the way in which the text
is formulated that should go into the spec, because I think it could
do a lot more than just a long description. I've stated my opinion in
the questionnaire that we had a few weeks ago and I still stand to
them. I believe if browsers were to include the longdesc link in a
context menu on images, it would be very valuable. However, I'm not
fully behind the wording of the change proposal.


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