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MINUTES: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 2 September at 15:00Z

From: Gunderson, Jon R <jongund@illinois.edu>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 11:14:45 -0500
To: HTML Accessibility Task Force <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
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JS: Action item review
zakim, scribe is jongund
sorry, jongund, I do not recognize a party named 'scribe'
scribe: jongund
scribe: jongund
MS: Action 47 on SF to file a bug on making autocomplete consistent with ARIA
SF: Will do
zakim, move to agendum 2
thinks agendum 2. "Actions Review" taken up [from janina]
MS: No status?
SF: No
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zakim, move to agendum 3
thinks agendum 3. "Subteam Reports: Canvas; ARIA Mappings; Media; Bug Triage" taken up [from janina]
JS: Bug sub team, did we formalize??
MC: We made decisions, but not formally
JS: We talked about responsibilities last week, and the sub teams could put up proposals
JS: Comment on sub teams?
JS: Any objections of giving them sub team status?
MC: We have had 3 meetings, one as sub team
http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Bug_Triage Bug Triage wiki page
MC: I setup a wiki page for bug triage
Could the scribe go on mute? The typing is quite distracting.
MC: We have taken all the items declared as bugs
MC: We are meeting on Tuesdays
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JS: Anyone can participate
JS: Are you sending out agendas?
http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/buglist.cgi?keywords=a11ytf&bug_status=RESOLVED&resolution=NEEDSINFO&resolution=INVALID&resolution=WONTFIX Bugs with high priority
MC: No, but we have not formally set a chair, our agenda is to go through bugs
JS: Loosing your audio MC
MC: I am on the noisy microphone
MC: I pasted in the bugzilla query we are going through
RS: Is this just the HTML specs or does it include canvas
MC: We are using the Accessibility task force key words
MC: Two weeks ago we talked about the ALT text bugs, they were not considered a priority since they were in good hands, canvas the same way
RS: I am concerned about canvas
The key word is #a11yTF, originally triaging #a11y bugs
MC: We would probably send canvas issue to you (RS)
JS: The are many of these meetings going on
MC: Now that we are empowered to make decisions, more people may attend
JS: Thank you MC, I think the team should nominate there own lead
JS: JF media update, or I can
JF: User requirements document, to the wider working group on the next call
JF: It is still a fluid living document
JF: We are trying to map user requirements with different technologies we are talking about, enormous question
JF: We are just trying to identify technologies, there is active working being done, the timelines are very aggresive
JF: There will be a table by this weekend
JS: Questions or discussions?
JS: JF ARIA Mapping update?
JF: There have been a slew of bugs
JF: We are waiting for the HTML% editor to respond
... coming off mute
JF: We were lead to believe where we are going with this today, nothing so far
* MichaelC	trying a new connection, audio keeps coming in and out
JF: The over arching bug is #1066
PC: I think you have the description exactly correct, I have not seen it either
PC: We were suppose to get extensibility proposal, that is not here yet
PC: There is a W3C survey on the licensing of HTML5, so this maybe keeping people pretty busy, stay tuned
SF: We were lead to believe the bugs would be responded to by this date
PC: I did too, if he doesn't deliver the report or come, I will take it off line
SF: we have been working hard all week, and now I feel we are swinging in the wind
JS: I am not what PC can say
SF: I feel some frustration, and now I am not sure where we are going
PC: I am opening a private chat with sam
SF: It is hard to have faith in the process when we do something and then...
JS: SF you have good points and it is in the minutes
JS: An on going area of work
JS: Canvus??
RS: What has happened with that I submitted the Opera guys, I have not heard for 3 weeks
	<kliehm>	s/Canvus??/Canvas/
RS: I would like to have this tied to drawing calls, would help authors
RS: We have concerns about implementation
RS: We have concerns from developers about implementation
RS: We tried CMN approach, he wants it just his way, this a late edition
RS: SF what do you think?
SF: I am not sure how much it will be to create image maps over canvas, it seems doable
RS: You need to rewrtie all the AREA implementations, new methods and properties, clickable regions, it will be alot of work, CMN has raised this
SF: The addition of usemap which is similar, but limited, then there is full blown, more capabilities
	<kliehm>	s/rewrtie/rewrite/
RS: We do not seem to be getting alot of progress
JS: We should try to clear up where we are going
JS: The caret drawing seems to be a preferred implementation, but we are sure if someone will do it, do not have enough spec?
RS: Ian wanted it one minute and then not the next minute
RS: I have a limited amount of time, so I need to know if we are going the caret API route
JS: I don't know if that will work, how to we unblock this, we have some missunderstandings
RS: Ian said write the defect and we will do it, but then he said he would not do, its frustrated with just going through Ian
RS: I am not sure what to do
JS: I don't if I have an answer for this, but will try to get something at next coordination call
RS: PC what is the next step?
PC: JS and the cohairs will need to take this off line, I understand you concerns, one side
JS: PC can help, but I want it communicated well, I am not looking for a solution today, but we need some
JF: We need an improvement on what is currently there in canvas
JF: If we have some improvement, then that might ....
	<JF>	s/JF/SteveF
JS: I am status qo for over a year, we put up proposals, I would like to see something on the current proposals
JS: I don't question that there needs to be accessibility for canvas, the process has been a discussion topic, no one is happy right now
JS: This goes all he way to the top in W3C management, we need to improve the process, good proposals are not going away, we need to figure out how to get unstuck
RS: At least for me If the chairs can get ARIA implementation in HTML5
PC: That sounds like a good idea to me
PC: It may not move as fast as you want, but at least you have comitter on the other side
RS: PC have you heard about the keyboard drag and drop from MS?
PC: it is in my inbox, it is pending
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	<paulc>	Paul to provide background info on keyboard drag and drop from Microsoft.
ACTION paulc: Provide background keyboard support for drag and drop (3 weeks)
	* trackbot	noticed an ACTION. Trying to create it.
	* RRSAgent	records action 1
	<trackbot>	Created ACTION-57 - Provide background keyboard support for drag and drop (3 weeks) [on Paul Cotton - due 2010-09-09].
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JS: Mike Smith are you also working on this?
JS: Are you there?
JS: We lost mike
JS: Since we are out of order, PC you asked about Bugzilla
	<Zakim>	-Steve_Faulkner
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	<kliehm>	TOPIC: bugzilla accessibility
PC: Laura has filed a bug about the decision policy, making bugzilla more accessible
PC: Laura and JS providing me with pointers I could not find
	<janina>	http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2010Jul/0146.html
PC: We thought maybe upgrading would improve accessibility, but there are still outstanding issues
PC: I don't think my co-chairs will agree that issue is a blocker
PC: We need to take this to the W3C to see if they can come up with a solution
RS: Isn't this a mozilla project??
JS: It doesn't make sense to make this an HTML5 issue, it is a worthy topic
JS: The mozilla people will want us to use the latest version, before we can suggest accessibility enhancements
JS: We should log the issue and we need to take it somewhere else
	<paulc>	Isn't one option to send a message to the Systems team asking them to look into this?
	* MichaelC	darn, lost call as switch mics to unmute
JS: We need a path to improve accessibility, but where should this issue go, I don't think ou group should own it
	<Zakim>	+Michael_Cooper.a
RS: Who is responsible for W3C tools?
JS: I was hoping MC would be able to tell us?
	<JF>	(wondering if we will get back to Item #4: TF Recommendations Followup & Updates)
MC: We can't solve the problem of bugzilla accessibility, it is a W3C wide issue, I can take it to Hyper text, they may want other, we should file bugs with mzozilla
MC: The issue is about making smart decisions about the tools people use, in this case there are not comparable tools, it would be difficult to tell people not to use this tool
MC: But that is outside the mandate of this group
PC: I will take the bull by the horns, I am sending a message to the systems team
	<Zakim>	-Michael_Cooper
PC: I am going to copy the working group co-chairs, I usually get a response, I'll see what happens, the HCG would do what I am doing now
JS: this sounds like a reasonable course, we will report back to the task force
	<kliehm>	Current W3C Bugzilla version is 3.2.6, latest stable release at Mozilla is 3.6.3
JS: Jumping around abit
JSL: I was hoping to discuss keyboard access, but GR is sick this week, can anyone else talk about this?
JS: The other topic, followup on our recommendation and disposition in the working group, we need to keep this close to our agenda, we have sent 7-8 and 4-5 have been processed
JS: many of us of the opinion, that longdesc was not handled as well as it could have been, and the issue has gone outside of W3C space, I am not sure what the next steps for longdesc, but we need a coordinated effort and we need to gather additional informatino
JS: One of the ways is a formal objection it will be more complicated, the first level of conversation, gathering of information on use cases, there is a wiki now
JF: The question is why was the page was frozen, how do we stop the ping-pong
JS: I don't know if we can raise this in the call
JF: If more information is forth coming, can we designate an editor who will document the issues and the proposals
JS: There should be a mechansim in W3C space
rrsagent, daft minutes
	<RRSAgent>	I'm logging. I don't understand 'daft minutes', jongund. Try /msg RRSAgent help
rrsagent, draft minutes
	<RRSAgent>	I have made the request to generate http://www.w3.org/2010/09/02-html-a11y-minutes.html jongund
SF: laura collect information and someone else deleted the content from the page, now the page is frozen and new content cannot be added
PC: Do we know who is doing it?
SF: I know who it is and so do JS and JB
	* MichaelC	zakim, code?
	* Zakim	saw 2119 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479) given for the conference code, MichaelC
PC: I was not aware of the wiki war was going on
JS: I think we need to discuss a remedy
PC: Where is the page?
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PC: I need to go
JS: We need to wrap up here
	<JF>	Late, but for Paul C: http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/LongdescRetention
	<Zakim>	-[Microsoft]
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