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Hi Jim,

I had to drop off from the call half way, but was there for the first half 
of the meeting.


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HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
19 May 2010
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John_Foliot, allanj, Michael_Cooper, Judy, Janina_Sajka, Sean_Hayes, Silvia,
Frank_Olivier, Geoff_Freed, Eric_Carlson
allanj, janina

. Topics
1. Action Items
2. Requirements Review
3. other business
. Summary of Action Items
<trackbot> Date: 19 May 2010
<MichaelC> meeting: Media sub-group - HTML A11Y TF
<JF> == Agenda ==
<JF> 1. Action Review
<JF> 2. Requirements Gathering (Review); determine critical must haves for
short term / identify longer term requirements
<JF> 3. Mapping requirements against existing proposals
<JF> 4. Other business?

<AllanJ> scribe: allanj
Action Items
<MichaelC> close action-30
<trackbot> ACTION-30 Look into structural navigation requirements closed
wiki update
All Judy's action items in progress, waiting on replies
<MichaelC> action-32 due 26 May
<trackbot> ACTION-32 Follow up w/ Gunnar Hellstrom on comprehensiveness of
secondary signed channel requirements due date now 26 May
<MichaelC> action-42 due 26 May
<trackbot> ACTION-42 Organize a cross-check on requirements with JTC-1 user
needs repository due date now 26 May
<MichaelC> action-43 due 26 May
<trackbot> ACTION-43 Seek deaf-blind representation in requirements
gathering process due date now 26 May
JF and JB also checking on other deaf users for input
<MikeSmith> action-34?
<trackbot> ACTION-34 -- Sean Hayes to write transcript requirements -- due
2010-05-19 -- OPEN
<MichaelC> close action-34
<trackbot> ACTION-34 Write transcript requirements closed
JF: GFreed will be a bit late, review his action when he arrives
... otherwise defer to next week.
Requirements Review
JB: are we close to a survey, or still to rough
JF: thinks need a first walk through.
... email has been sent to full task force, but little response
JS: most who care are already engaged
JB: perhaps take 15 min on a full task force call to gauge reaction
JS: +1
JF: discoverablity is critical. is there that much question about this. do
we need to bring it to the whole task force
<janina> scribe: janina
ja: the ability to find out what's there, and make selections.
<AllanJ> Eric: need explanation for implementation
judy: some of these may need more explanation in terms of impact on users
eric: exactly!
... that would be majorly helpful in the wider html-wg
<AllanJ> scribe: allanj
<silvia> +q
JF: need examples. there needs to be a button in the UI to notify the user
that captions are available
sylvia: from user point of view, the requirements are obvious for
accessibility folks.
... for engineers, need a different set of language, so they know what we
want. need example for how they can be realized.
... discoverability: a button to expose a list of caption language files
available to the user
JB: the narrative description is getting longer. the bullets don't seem to
be as comprehensive.
... section heading seem confusing. references 'requirements' heading and
narrative that follows
... there may be a continuum for what the user needs vs what engineers need
... keep requirements to user needs and basic technical functions. and leave
the examples to later
js: confusion results from ad hoc creation from multiple authors
... take note that engineers need more explanation because they are not
accessibility folks.
need to do it now
JF: good point from sylvia and eric, need more explanation
<silvia> +q
JF: how much detail to engineers want, images, text etc.
eric: depends on reqirement. discoverability - a sentance or two, similar to
what sylvia said is sufficient.
... need something to help then understand
jb: graphics would be tough and time consuming
sylvia: structure of wiki doc is inaccessible cognitively
... want numbered statements with examples
... it is really free form. needs more structure. going to walk trhough and
extra requirements and view it from engineers perspective
... this would show the need for examples
... needs to be more concrete.
jb: regard to sylvia. review of requirements documents - there are a few
that have terse useful formats
... rather than starting another page, perhaps restructure the current
... convert one section, or add a restructure section
... current doc seems upside down. narrative on top followed by list
sylvia: didn't want to overload the document. need numbers and a bit more
... will write email to restructure current doc and send to list
jf: trying to do 2 things
... educational document, to understand the need in narrative
... engineering doc pick list of requirements
... tension/conflict between the purposes.
... perhaps reverse the document list then narrative
jb: have had this discussion before. more concerned about the heading
... other requirements documents have narrative and lists. not a problem.
need both. need a structure to help it 'sing'
jf: discussion of word smithing options.
jb: first section should be called 'use cases' and requirement should be
above the list at the bottom
gf: added the narrative. opening could be edited down. leave prose at
beginning with list at the end. need the context
jf: change headings, then add bullets.
sh: make prose one document and numbered requirements in a separate doc
jb: want one document
js: that is cross referenced.
sh: wants a nice list, not interspersed with prose
<Zakim> Sean, you wanted to say the intention was originally to do exactly
what Silivia is proposing
jb: sylvia said she would restructure the requirements
js: are we done with gathering
jb: not yet, we are awaiting LD and deafblind and dyslexic feed back
sh: need to add in some cognitive stuff
... there is more to come.
... should move on the numbered list creation
sylvia: its a wiki, so can be a live document. need numbered requirements
<scribe> ACTION: sylvia to structure requirements into a numbered system
[recorded in]
<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - silvia
<scribe> ACTION: silvia to structure requirements into a numbered system
[recorded in]
<trackbot> Created ACTION-45 - Structure requirements into a numbered system
[on Silvia Pfeiffer - due 2010-05-26].
silvia: will post sample to the list
jf: should we go through all requirements, or wait for restructure
jb: wait
jf: need to map requirements to prose
js: pleased with document. BUT, it is living in the wrong place.
... it should live in the task force wiki, not the html wiki
jf: tend to agree. finding content is hard. having it all in 1 wiki makes
logical sense. moving it would be easy
silvia: could do this as part of action
jf: great, put a link in old page to new home.
<silvia> TF wiki:
jb: task force has a wiki. concerned that the WBS survey may have difficulty
linking to dynamic doc
mc: will create a static snap shot for each survey
... will make it work (admin details)
other business
jf: question - google announcement of WEBM media wrapper. must be vp8 video,
theora for audio. is it possible to add captions
eric: should be possible. would be a good question for html working list
jf: will post question
gf: +1 to jf. project page explicitly states video and audio tracks, what
about other tracks or multiple tracks
silvia: SRT works in matroska, other tracks should be possible
<silvia> matroska
eric: they are specifically using a subset.
js: gf close action item?
... eric please give a list of what needs expansion - engineering examples
eric: will be done by next weeks call
jf: action-41 on gf
<MichaelC> close action-41
<trackbot> ACTION-41 Review use cases section of media requirements document
rrsaent, set logs public
Summary of Action Items
[NEW] ACTION: silvia to structure requirements into a numbered system
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: sylvia to structure requirements into a numbered system
[recorded in]

[End of minutes]

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