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RE: issues with global attribute "accesskey" as-is in HTML5

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 01:58:46 +0100
To: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>, "Michael(tm) Smith" <mike@w3.org>, Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>, Paul Cotton <Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com>
Cc: "public-html-a11y@w3.org" <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
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aloha, judy!

thank you for your feedback and for informing the TF of developments
in UAAG...

i did file 2 bugs earlier today against HTML5 as an individual, which
i tagged with the keyword "a11y", and which now can be considered 
"submitted" to the TF to consider -- note that these are bugs against 
what is currently in HTML5, not what we want/need/require in the 
mechanism formerly-known-as-accesskey:

1. [Bug 10251] Psuedo-Cascade of Multiple Accesskeys Definable for an 
Individual Element


as reported to the list in:


2. [Bug 10252] New: HTML5 hard-binds "Action" to accesskey key-press


i did NOT tag them as "a11y-tf" bugs because they have not yet been 
vetted by the TF, but by logging them, they do become part of the 
process the TF has set up to address bugs tagged with the keyword 
"a11y" -- this does not mean that these are the only bugs to be 
logged as part of the overall exercise; there were a few problems 
with @accesskey as defined in the current draft of HTML5 which i 
highlighted in my initial post, but which i have not yet submitted 
to bugzilla, so i am quite eager to receive feedback from you, judy, 
jeanne, and the UAWG not only on what is lacking in HTML5, but what 
is missing from the "Keyboard Access Requirements Recommendation 
from PFWG" which are available as a wiki page, which TF members can 
edit or comment upon/discuss, at:


the end result of the requirements that the TF will compile with
your and jeanne's and the UAWG's valuable assistance, will affect 
at least 2 attributes -- @accesskey and @tabindex -- at least 2 
elements: COMMAND and MENU; and also necessitate an in-depth analysis 
of how such mechanisms work/can work/will work with FORM controls
as defined in HTML5

one last note: i strongly believe that one of the starting points of 
the discussion must -- of necessity -- be whether accesskey as an 
attribute can handle all that is required by the requirements which 
the TF -- in conjunction with the feedback submitted by all 
interested/concerned parties -- will forward to the HTML WG, chairs 
and editor...  that is why the requirements that came from PF are 
stated as requirements and not as specific technological fixes 
assigned to any particular attribute or element and they certainly 
were not intended to be the "last word" on improving what we 
inherited from HTML 4x!

an attempt to begin the analysis of whether what we need can be
fulfilled using attributes can be found on the TF wiki at:


and i did catch your use of the word "condensed" and i certainly 
welcome that too -- as we were oft well-reminded in the past: 
"tersify! tersify! tersify!"

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From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
To: "Gregory J. Rosmaita" <oedipus@hicom.net>, "Michael(tm) Smith"
<mike@w3.org>, Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>, Paul Cotton
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Subject: RE: issues with global attribute "accesskey" as-is in HTML5

> Paul, Gregory,
> I support Gregory's initial response to your 
> question where he noted that the HTML A11Y Task 
> Force needs to review these requirements before 
> they are filed as bug reports for the HTML WG.
> For instance, based on initial review by Jeanne 
> Spellman and myself of the requirements recently 
> sent from PFWG -- and given that there's been 
> development of additional guidance in this area 
> in UAAG 2.0 during the time that PFWG was working 
> on related issues -- there appears to be a need 
> for re-synchronization on some user requirements 
> and potential solutions. I believe it would be 
> more appropriate and efficient for that 
> resynchronization to happen in the HTML A11Y Task 
> Force than in the HTML WG, and then to pass 
> through a set of clarified and consensed feedback 
> to the HTML WG as bug reports once we've confirmed the approaches.
> - Judy
> At 08:08 PM 7/26/2010 +0100, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> >aloha, paul!
> >
> >i'll try and log the issues i outlined as soon as i get a chance to
> >convert the review into bug reports, which i hope to have logged well
> >in advance of the next TF meeting...
> >
> >i am going to file an additional bug "is @accesskey irretrievably broken
> >as an attribute?", based on discussion on
> >

> >
> >
> >an issue which is closely tied to what i identified in my initial post
> >as: "ISSUE 4. HTML5 hard-binds "Action" to accesskey key-press"
> >
> >which addresses the utility of the Access Module/Element's boolean
> >attribute @activate, which provides for author control over whether
> >the firing of an accesskey moves focus to or activates the element
> >for which the accesskey has been defined, as well as the Access
> >Module/Element's explicit stipulation:
> >

> >
> >User agents MUST provide mechanisms for overriding the author setting
> >with user-specified settings in order to ensure that the act of moving
> >content focus does not cause the user agent to take any further action
> >(as per Checkpoint 9.5 of UAAG 1.0)
> >
> >NB: proposed Access Element draft, which is applicable to XML-derived
> >dialects and may or may not be applicable to HTML5, is located at:
> >long URI warning:
> >

> >
> >
> >gregory.
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