Agenda Item for next week's a11yTF Conference Call?

As discussed on today's a11yTF call, we should have a meta discussion
regarding the general principle of splitting out authoring guidance from
the larger spec, especially when it impacts on accessibility issues. 


This is currently an active topic regarding Issue 31 [1] versus SteveF's
First Public Draft regarding @alt text [2] (with an indication that Ian
will be submitting a null change proposal for Issue 31 [3]) and also
related to Action Item 44 [4] (as well as possibly Item 46 [5]).
Establishing a general principle (Resolution?) within the TF on this issue
will become important (IMHO).  I also anticipate that this issue will
likely re-surface with ongoing work within the media sub-team's current
activities, so a clearly articulated position will be import there as


As such, can we add this to next week's agenda please?  Thanks.












Received on Thursday, 1 July 2010 16:35:42 UTC