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Weekly Resolved & Rejected Bugs Report

From: Laura Carlson <laura.lee.carlson@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 05:11:11 -0600
Message-ID: <AANLkTim5toJNkKCXVjhvp1nvtoNbJx1JeZxUpfTjJhTi@mail.gmail.com>
To: HTML Accessibility Task Force <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
Hello Everyone,

Since the last report we have had:

1 NEW a11y bug reported. Details are in section 1.
4 VERIFIED BUGS. Details are in section 2.

17 total NEW a11y bugs existed on December 25, 2010. A December 25 bug
snapshot is at:

A backlog of 24 a11y bugs on the HTML5 Spec await task force decision
of whether to apply the a11ytf keyword or not. Details are in section

Pre Last Call and Post Last Call status is identified for each bug in
this report. According to the HTML Chairs' message regarding
deadlines, January 22 is the cutoff for escalating Pre Last Call bugs
for Last Call  consideration. All issues need to be in the HTML
working group tracker by that date. The consequence of missing the
January 22 deadline is that any further escalations will be treated as
a Last Call comments.
The HTML5 accessibility bug status table is at:

Details are as follows.


1.1 Post Last Call Bug 11593: "the <track> @kind attribute should
include all of the identified accessibility content types" reported
December 23, 2010 by John Foliot.
IMPORTANT: Post Last Call Bugs that missed the October 1, 2010 cutoff
date, are treated as Last Call comments according to the HTML Chairs'
"Timeline to Last Call" email. The Chairs may grant exceptions on a
case-by-case basis, but there is no guarantee that a bug filed after
the October 1 cutoff date will be settled before last call. John, you
or the media sub-team may want to ask for an exception for bug 11593
because if Ian fixes it, it could help solve HTML-ISSUE-9.
Alternately, since HTML-ISSUE-9 was raised before the Decision Policy
was created, bugs do not have to be filed for it. John, the media-sub
group, or any working group member for that matter can directly write
a Change Proposal in order to solve Issue 9. A Change Proposal would
need to be presented to the HTML Working Group by February 23, 2011.


The following bugs were marked "VERIFIED" by the bug subteam. Marking
a bug VERIFIED starts a TWO WEEK clock to take action. If no action is
taken, the bug is marked NoReply. A NoReply puts a bug in a terminal
state. See the HTMLWG Decision Policy for details:

7.1 Pre Last Call Bug 10773: "accesskey should chosen from document's
declared charset" reported by Gregory J. Rosmaita.
VERIFIED WONTFIX by Martin Kliehm.
Martin's comment: "Reviewing the bug for the Accessibility TF
bug-triage sub-team I believe the fix for bug #10775 solved this
issue. Changing the state to VERIFIED. @Gregory, if you concur please
close the bug."

7.2 Pre Last Call Bug 10775: "how is user to decide which set of
access keys to use?" reported by Gregory J. Rosmaita.
VERIFIED FIXED by Martin Kliehm.
Martin's comment: "Reviewed the changed non-normative spec text for
the Accessibility TF bug-triage sub-team, and I believe it does the
job, therefore verifying the fixed state. @Gregory, if you are
satisfied with the solution, please close the bug."

7.3 Pre Last Call Bug 10781: "Clarify why a command element that is
not in a menu is conforming" reported by Gregory J. Rosmaita.
VERIFIED FIXED by Martin Kliehm.
Martin's comment: "Confirming the changes made it into the spec,
concerning <code>accesskey</code>
in http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/editing.html#the-accesskey-attribute"

7.4 Pre Last Call Bug 10915: "Clarify why a command element that is
not in a menu is conforming" reported by Steve Faulkner.
VERIFIED FIXED by Martin Kliehm.
Martin's comment: "Confirming the text made it into


We currently have 24 HTML5 Spec bugs awaiting task force decision of
whether to apply the a11ytf keyword or not.

One bug on document "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text
alternatives Bugs" awaits task force decision. Michael(tm) Smith is
editor of that document.

One bug on document "HTML Working Group Decision Policy" awaits task
force decision. Maciej Stachowiak, Paul Cotton, Sam Ruby are the
editors of that document.

No bugs on document on the document "HTML5: Techniques for providing
useful text alternatives Bugs" await task force decision. Steve
Faulkner is editor of that document.


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Best Regards,

Laura L. Carlson
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