Candidate TF Resolution: ISSUE-30 longdesc

The HTML-A11Y Task Force Face to Face offers the following candidate
resolution for adoption by the TF. Discussion in email is
welcome--simply reply to this message. This resolution will appear on
our teleconference agenda this Thursday. Also, a WBS survey will shortly
be announced where you may vote on it.

RESOLUTION: While the HTML-A11Y Task Force prefers the proposal that
restores longdesc without warning we are prepared to accept the
alternative proposal at
to produce a warning (assuming we can agree to warning text)

RATIONALE: In reaching this consensus the Face to Face meeting
considered and agreed to the following resolutions of principle:

   RESOLUTION: There is a need for some mechanism that supports longer

   RESOLUTION: People agree to have in page descriptions.

   RESOLUTION: Group agrees that we should have out of page
descriptions, but has concerns about its implementation.

   RESOLUTION: The group wants longdesc to continue in HTML 5.

   RESOLUTION: The group does NOT want longdesc to continue indefinitely
in future versions of HTML, although some people objected to this

   RESOLUTION: We do want aria-describedby functionality to replace longdesc.

   RESOLUTION: we do not want to ask for a new feature in HTML 5 to
replace longdesc.

   RESOLUTION: We do not want to change aria-describedby to support
descriptions in a separate page in the ARIA 1.0 time frame.

   RESOLUTION: aria-describedby should be enhanced in the ARIA 2.0 time
frame to support external descriptions (out of page).

   RESOLUTION: We can live with a two step process, in which users
follow an aria-describedby reference to a link and then must follow the
link to get the actual description, but we do not prefer it.


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