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RE: a11y TF CfC on resolution to support "Media Text Associations" change proposal for HTML issue 9

From: Sean Hayes <Sean.Hayes@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 13:30:20 +0000
To: Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com>, Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
CC: Geoff Freed <geoff_freed@wgbh.org>, "Gregory J. Rosmaita" <oedipus@hicom.net>, Philip Jägenstedt <philipj@opera.com>, "public-html-a11y@w3.org" <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
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If the user chooses to move the controls over the captions, then I guess that's up to them. But they shouldn't appear there by default; and if the controls can move anywhere, then that's good - avoiding the captions should be relatively straightforward.

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From: Eric Carlson [mailto:eric.carlson@apple.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 2:25 PM
To: Silvia Pfeiffer
Cc: Geoff Freed; Sean Hayes; Gregory J. Rosmaita; Philip Jägenstedt; public-html-a11y@w3.org
Subject: Re: a11y TF CfC on resolution to support "Media Text Associations" change proposal for HTML issue 9

On Apr 6, 2010, at 12:58 PM, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM, Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com> wrote:
>> On Apr 6, 2010, at 11:13 AM, Geoff Freed wrote:
>>> Ditto here:  captions and controls should never cover or come into 
>>> contact with each other.  It's of lesser importance whether the 
>>> captions and controls move to avoid covering each other, or if the 
>>> captions and controls remain in fixed and separate regions.  For an 
>>> example of the latter, see any captioned video at 
>>> http://www.hulu.com; for the former (in addition to Silvia's 
>>> example), download Hulu desktop at http://www.hulu.com/labs/hulu-desktop .
>>   I agree that controls should not cover captions, but I don't think 
>> we
>> *can* describe exactly how to handle the situation when they do. For 
>> example what should happen when a UA uses a movable, "HUD style", controller?
>> eric
> I am only concerned with the default controls that appear when the 
> @controls attribute is used. I believe we can mandate for this 
> situation that the captions should always stay above the default 
> controls. What a Web developer does with custom controls is out of our 
> control anyway and they would need to make sure that if they provide 
> captions it will still work for their audience.
> Maybe we do need to prescribe more specific recommendations on the 
> @control. Maybe that the controls should overlap only the bottom part 
> of the video up to a certain percentage? This is how it is currently 
> implemented by all browsers, so shouldn't be a problem.
  We can not assume that controls will always be along the bottom of the media element, as I noted earlier WebKit already uses a movable HUD for fullscreen video. The default position is not at the bottom of the video, but it can be placed anywhere by the user.

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