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Re: [WICG] [Security] HTML Sanitizer API in the browser

From: Mark Robbins <m_j_robbins@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 12:40:29 +0000 (UTC)
To: <public-htmail@w3.org>, "Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile" <chaals@yandex.ru>
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 This is great, thanks for share I'll dig into this later today...
    On Friday, 2 November 2018, 15:15:53 GMT, Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile <chaals@yandex.ru> wrote:  
 There has been some desire to see this for quite a while, whether directly in the browser, or as a spec that described in a sensible way the different needs and how to be clear what a given sanitiser would do.
Participation in the discussion might be interesting to people here. (Note that there is something of a follow-up discussion already, worth reading before you wade in).

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From: "Frederik Braun" <discourse@wicg.io>
To: chaals@yandex.ru
Subject: [WICG] [Security] HTML Sanitizer API in the browser
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 11:07:34 +0200

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 September 21  |

Hi folks,

Together with @mikewest and Mario Heiderich (who has yet to sign up), we have started looking at how one could specify an HTML Sanitizer that lives in the browser.I could try to summarize all the greatness in here, but I think we’ve done a great job in the Sanitization explainer already 

Please let us know what you think. I’m thrilled to hear more!
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