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AW: identified focus areas

From: Stefan Mies <stm@artegic.de>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 08:53:58 +0000
To: "'public-htmail@w3.org'" <'public-htmail@w3.org'>
Message-ID: <CA68EA87011C634FBCA8B263241613DB4C736D30@VENUS.artegic.local>
Good Morning,

the best way to start is to identified the focus areas.

My Topics are:

Email HTML

-    Which HTML Tags will supported

Email CSS

-    Find a agreement of standard CSS Tags which could be supported over all email clients

-    Talk about Media queries for multi devices

Multimedia Mailings

-    Which Multimedia Content could be interesting to use in mails (Picture, Videos, Forms) and which kind of Safety Directive are necessary

Email Types

-    Which part of email types are necessary (Text/RichMail/HTML)

Over all I think we have to discussion what is different between HTML Mail and the website using.

What are your topics?

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