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Geoff McLane <> writes:

> After some testing time, will be merged into master...
> Would be great if you could pull and build this branch, and see if it
> lives up to your expectations ;=))

Hi Geoff,
Thank you for the fix and the reply!
Yep, this seems to fix that issue, but I may have found another, or
something related.

How should the following parse?

            document.write('<style>body{font-family:"'+XCOOKIE.gui_font+'",Verdana, Arial;}</style>');

With SkipQuotes enabled, </script> gets included in the cdata.
Here's a sample, along with the result that I get by running it through
the tidy tool with SkipQuotes enabled:

As I say, we're using libtidy in a browser, and we've seen something
similar to this on a real-world site (specifically
I'm not much of a web standards expert, so I don't know how this should
actually be handled.

-- Chris

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