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[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Allow sending data to animators in worklet from main thread (#869)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Consider reworking 'Interaction with Animator Instances' section (#870)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Define semantic of finish/reverse/playbackRate for Worklet Animation (#811)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Listening events in animation worklet (#834)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Mechanism to pause/play an animation from inside worklet (#808)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] security and privacy questionnare (#868)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-layout-api] Developer-friendly solution to avoiding FOUC (#856)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-paint-api] use-case: data/audio visualization (#872)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] [css-variables] Should the spec document invalid variables and fallback more explicitly? (#849)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-typed-om] Use `partial interface mixin ElementCSSInlineStyle` (#853)

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets-1] (#871)

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets] addModule() should reject a promise with a more specific exception (#509)

[css-houdini-drafts] Proposal: Custom functions for modifying CSS values (#857)

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-animationworklet] Change state to be a function instead of getter

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-animationworklet] Fiox animator ctor callback type

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-animationworklet] Update README to remove old information

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-properties-values-api] Describe substitution behavior.

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-properties-values-api] Disallow leading '|' in syntax strings.

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: AnimationWorklet editorial cleanups

Closed: [css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Broken makefile (#852)

Closed: [css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] security and privacy questionnare (#868)

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