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Re: [css-houdini-drafts] Specificity API (#96) Felix Becker via GitHub (Wednesday, 27 February)

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-properties-values-api] "Consume a name" returns a string. andruud via GitHub (Monday, 18 February)

Closed: [css-houdini-drafts] need to define the exact grammar accepted by "syntax" (#112) Tab Atkins Jr. via GitHub (Saturday, 16 February)

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-properties-values-api] Define parsing rules for the syntax string. andruud via GitHub (Friday, 15 February)

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [font-metrics-api] Convert sequence<T> attributes to FrozenArray<T> Philip Jägenstedt via GitHub (Monday, 11 February)

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [css-layout-api] Name the FragmentResultOptions argument Philip Jägenstedt via GitHub (Monday, 11 February)

Re: [css-houdini-drafts] Use `partial interface mixin ElementCSSInlineStyle` (#853) Philip Jägenstedt via GitHub (Thursday, 7 February)

Re: [css-houdini-drafts] [text-layout] Houdini and text layout (#854) Myles C. Maxfield via GitHub (Monday, 4 February)

[css-houdini-drafts] Proposal: Custom functions for modifying CSS values (#857) Amelia Bellamy-Royds via GitHub (Sunday, 3 February)

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