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[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Add random global scope selection for stateless animators (#931)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] animation requested flag has inconsistent type (#933)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Animator section order depends on concepts and definitions which haven't been introduced. (#927)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Move interface idls close to definitions for easier readability. (#926)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Need a document animator definition and verification (#928)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Require sharing a single animator instance for stateless animators (#932)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Stateful animator section should focus on developer visible details (#930)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Stateless animators are not allowed to share animator instances (#929)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-layout-api] out of date (#934)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-paint-api] Enable inputProperties to provide full descriptors. (#924)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] is registerProperty <image> not implemented in Blink ? (#925)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Registering properties in JS could have performance impact (#940)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Should property registration be scoped? (#939)

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-typed-om] Add default dictionary value (#936)

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets] Add default dictionary value (#938)

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets] Fetching and invoking a worklet script which reports an exception (#407)

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets] Update spec to new IDL syntax for optional dictionaries (#937)

[css-houdini-drafts] Add dictionary default value (#941)

[css-houdini-drafts] Add explicit [Exposed] (#935)

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: [worklets] Add default dictionary value

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: Add default dictionary value

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: Add dictionary default value

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: Add explicit [Exposed]

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