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[css-houdini-drafts] [css-animationworklet] Experiment with different sync models for animations with mixed accelerated and non-accelerated properties

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-paint-api] HTML spec switches on CanvasImageSource

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Allow custom property descriptors with a CSS @-rule

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Composition behavior of lists

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Fallbacks for registered properties

[css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Supports basic shapes / paths

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets] addModule() should reject a promise with a more specific exception

[css-houdini-drafts] [worklets] Fetching and invoking a worklet script which reports an exception

[css-houdini-drafts] fix typo

[css-houdini-drafts] Pull Request: fix typo

Closed: [css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Fallbacks for registered properties

Closed: [css-houdini-drafts] [css-properties-values-api] Remove <transform-list>?

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