Re: EME: issues in recent commits

On 4/13/2017 3:35 PM, David Dorwin wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> I just fixed a typo in -respect.html and pushed that to master. I didn't
> update index.html because ReSpec is unhappy. Did you manually generate
> index.html? Is there any word on a fix for the problem?
> While doing that, I found some issues in recent commits.
> 1.
> made the NOTE apply to only one branch of the step. If the previous
> markup was incorrect, the note should have been moved outside the `</dl>`.

Proposed fix in

> 2. The last two commits changes macros, especially those related to
> queueing a task. There are a couple issues.
>   * The `queue-a-task` macro name was replaced with `queueing`. I think
>     this should have been left alone as it more clearly represents what
>     the macro will be converted to. It doesn't have to match the target
>     anchor name.
>   * Upper case 'Q' was replaced with 'q' in the macro names. The upper
>     case letter is intentional because it indicates that he text will be
>     capitalized. For one macro, we had both upper and lower case 'Q'.
>     Now both are lower case, which breaks some of the resulting text.
>     For example, step 10.10
>     of

Proposed fix in

> FYI, we still have some open "V1" issues. What is the plan for those?

One of the editors need to propose texts for the V1 Editorial issues at 
the minimum or move them to VNext:

The editors need to approve/merge the pull requests listed at
  (or indicate what's wrong with them)

V1NonBlocking issues need to be moved to VNext, unless there is a 
proposed change that doesn't affect implementations and tests (and if 
that's the case, we'll need the proposed change in a pull request):

One of the editors need to provide input on:


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