MSE critical path

Here is my summary of where we stand with getting MSE to Proposed Recommendation:

1.      MSE issues - There are NO outstanding MSE V1 issues except for the one related to the MSE Registry publication:

2.      MSE Registry publication - Awaiting Philippe to publish the WG Notes and to fix appropriate links

3.      MSE test suite issues/pull requests - There appear to be three outstanding items against the test suite although I think ISSUE-1386 is deferred:

4.      MSE test suite results - I believe we are awaiting confirmation on Edge and FF final results


5.      MSE implementation report - I am assuming we are okay with the current test suite results

6.      Draft Proposed Recommendation - Ready but may need tweeking after MSE Registry publication

7.      HME WG CfC to move to Proposed Recommendation - I have a draft CfC ready to go that has been reviewed by Philippe once the above items are finalized

8.      Proposed Recommendation Transition Request to Director -  Will be prepared if/when CfC passes

Philippe: Please let me know when you believe we are ready for me to send out the CfC?


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