RE: EME test suite status

We are making having lots of EME discussions on the HME WG email list and it would appear that we have several new EME V1Editorial issues to resolve:

But I have not seen any further progress or updates on the EME test suite.

Mark and Jerry:  Can you give us an update on where this stands today?


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On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 9:47 AM, Paul Cotton <<>> wrote:
From last week’s WG meeting minutes:

MArk will replace the key system name in the test name with either 'drm' or 'clearKey'. See

Mark will do the above two changes, Jerry will review any PRs and then re-run the tests.

Q1: What is the status of these changes to the EME test suite?

​The above change is done, but this change<> is also necessary before running the test suite again.​

outstanding PR for EME test suite:

ISSUE outlines Google tests to be migrated. Netflix is working on some of these.

Netflix is working on the 7 tests identified in

There are 14 others to be migrated.

David cannot do this work item this week.

Jerry will look into doing some of the remaining Google test migrations.

Q2: Have we made any progress on the above EME test suite work items on the set of 7 additional tests (Mark) and the remaining 14 tests (Jerry)?

​I'll check.


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