[COI] Clinical Observations Interoperability, February 5th, 11:00am - 12:00pm EST

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1. Roll Call 
2. Status Updates on RDF Representations of Diabetes Patient Data
(A) RDF Representation using POMR and Galen: Vipul
    Initial Representation available at: 
(B) RDF Represenation using HL7/RIM/CDA: Helen and Dan Russler
(C) SDTM Representation: Jennifer and Rachel
(D) "Realist approach": Alan, Kerstin and Bo
(E) Detailed Clinical Models representation: Tom Oniki
3. Discussion with Dan Russler: Alan Ruttenberg
4. Modeling constructs for Diabetes Data Requirements
5. Data Requirements for Hypertension Study: George and Sudha

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