Clinical Trial Eligibility draft ontology - a start

Vipul and all

Rachel and I started to work on a very rough draft of CT Eligibility 
ontology.  This is only a beginning and provides a starting point for some 
discussion.  We looked at the eligibility listed in the sample trials 
outlined in Rachel's use cases.  We can refine the ontology according to 
your functional requirements along the way.  Maybe it is still too early 
to talk about the demo, but the ontology may evolve into something we can 
use in the demo. 

I updated the draft version on wiki page here

This ontology uses some OWL1.1 constructs and pellet 1.5 should be able to 

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Clinical Research Protocols: Fucntional Requirements

An initial functional requirements document is attached with this e-mail.
It has also been posted on the wiki.
Look forward to a good discussion tomorrow.

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Subject: [BIONT-DSE][COI] Clinical Observations Interoperability Telcon 
October 16th, Tuesday 11:00am - 12:00pm US EDT
Clinical Observations Interoperability Telcon
Date and Time:
October 16th, Tuesday 11:00am ? 12:00pm EDT
1.   Semantic Web Related questions from Landen Bain, Bron Kissler and Tom 
Oniki ? Alan to post minutes and discuss feedback
2.   Functional Requirements distillation from Rachel?s Use Cases: Vipul
3.   Discuss approach Model Evaluation wrt Functional Requirements ? 
Stan/Tom, Bo/Kerstin, Alan
4.   Next Steps: Discuss Terminology Issues
5.   Next Steps: Identify Technical Tasks
6.   Feedback and Refinement of F2F Agenda? 

Telcon Details:

+1 617 761 6200, conference 24668 ("BIONT")
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Feel free to annotate wiki page above with feedback and suggestions.
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