RE: Excellent to hear Bron today on CDISC and Semantic Web

Sorry to have missed today's call, but it sounds some solid high-value items have been identified, which is great. I will try and help move this along in the coming months...

I do want to remind HCLS members that we will be discussing these activities at the upcoming Nov 8-9 HCLSIG F2F in Boston (main registration at I encourage all members and invited experts to try and attend this meeting, and be prepared to create a summary of these tasks. A F2F for this BioOnt-DSE activity is planned for the 7th (, where I hope some items can be agreed upon and dsicussed during the HCLS F2F.


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Bron, Landen and Rachel,
just a quick note to express my satisfaction. I was so glad to hear Bron in the W3C HCLS meeting today mentioning the many questions coming up the last couple of months on CDISC and Semantic Web. This is what I have been hoping for and raised in some early notes in the CDISC community 1). 

Two examples of things I would like to see happen in CDISC applying the Semantic Web approach and standards are:

*	Would  be great if CDISC would go beyond publishing short names and definitions for e.g. VSTESTCD and LABTESTCD 2) would publish a basic ontology for recordings of Vital Signs Observations and Lab Tests. So, that we as sponsors could extend them with for example drug specific qualifiers, and also add new ones for specific types of observations to be collected and to be used as for example eligibility criteria.

*	A semantic implementation of CDISC/SDTM fundamental model using RDF/XML to enable direct integration of clinical data cross studies. As a step beyond CDISC's current implementation for flat datasets and also beyond the ODM/XML implementations that support exchange of clinical data per study.

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1) 	From XML to RDF: how semantic web technologies may change the design of clinical standards?
	CDISC and Semantic Web

2) 	CDISC Terminologies

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