RE: [BIONT-DSE] Inclusion versus exclusion criteria

> Just a quick correction -- the SHER reasoner is different from the
> CEL reasoner, because it is built on
> the standard tableau algorithm (internally SHER uses Pellet).  It
> supports the SHIN subset of DL
> (in OWL DL terms, no nominals).

[VK] Thanks for the clarification. Now it falls into place.

> In the clinical trials data, we model negations in the lab data
> (e.g., lab results ruled out the presence of an organism, A) as
> saying that for this particular lab event, any
> causative agent it might have cannot be A.  In DL terms, this is a
> universal restriction, that propagates a concept (not A) along the
> causative Agent edge.  

[VK] So let's say we represent this as:

LabResultNegativeForA < LabResult AND (ALL causativeAgent (NOT A)) 

> If you now want to find
> a lab event which indicated the presence of some Agent (X) and not A,
> you will again miss things using SQL, because all you will have in
> the actual database is that a lab event has a causative Agent X, and
> the lab Event is a member of a universal restriction
> forAll.causativeAgent.not(A). 

[VK] I think if we just had an A without the NOT A, the above is expressible as
an SQL query. The NOT A makes it tricky, but I think it is expressible.
Will need to check.

Do you have other examples?


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