RE: [COI] Clinical Observations Interoperability Telcon November 20, Tuesday 11:00am - 12:00pm US EST

Thanks for pointing this out. Would like to clarify that these notes are taken
by a scribe in a telcon and sometimes the context of the statement is not
captured accurately.

	To correct the mis-statement: The HL7 Observation standards for EMR's
have been in use since the 1990's in both HL7 2.x standards and the new HL7
RIM-based standards found in CDA documents and other RIM-based standards. These
RIM-based standards are now chosen by national government bodies including US
(ONC contracts), Canada (Infoway), Australia (NEHTA), and the UK (NHS).
Therefore, there are widely used standards for observations in EMR design.
	[VK]  The specific context in which this  comment was made was that of
clinical decision support and clinical research protocols. For the most part HL7
standards used for interoperability and storage.
	        Specifically Detailed Clinical Models have been developed by
Stan Huff et. al. for clinical decision support and documentation, use cases for
which HL7 2.x standards are typically not used (correct me if I am wrong).
	        At the same time, DCMs are HL7 compliantl and I believe are
going through the standards process within HL7. So in some sense they might be
"future HL7 standards".  
	Hope the work of the Clinical Observation Interoperability group makes
sure that an effort is made to harmonize clinical trial observation standards
with both of these older, widely-used HL7 standards for patient care....Dan
	[VK] Absolutely, our goal is to re-use and incorporate widely used
standards such as HL7/DCM and SDTM using Semantic Web specifications.
	        Will be great if some folks from the Clinical side of Oracle
could participate in this activity.

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