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> Hi,
> in the Clinical Observations Interoperability telcon yesterday we discussed some examples: the (objective) measurement of Diastolic Blood Pressure and the (subjective) assertion of Hypertension, more precisely Postpartum Hypertension. And we also discussed DCM and SDTM in relation to these examples.
> In the attached slides I have documented the look I took at NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) and CDISC Controlled Terminologies (CT) for SDTM. Below you will find a brief overview of slide 1-8 from my look at the concept definitions related to our examples. Slide 9 show an example of a SDTM dataset with an description from an observation of Diastolic Blood Pressure. 
> Further down, in slide 10-11, I have indicated how the assertions of Hypertension and of Pregnancy can be of primary use in drug development for clinical studies (i.e. secondary use of health care data). 
> >  <<NCIt_and_CDISC_CT.ppt>> 
> I can't make it to the F2F meeting, but I will catch up specially on Tom's and Chimezei's presentations through the wiki pages.
> Kind regards
> Kerstin
> Slide 1-3 visualise the concept structure in NCIt for Diastolic Blood Pressure, Pregnancy Test and Postpartum Hypertensions  
> - Slide 1: the concept with the preferred term Diastolic Blood Pressure as a sub-concept of Personal Attribute.
> - Slide 2: the concept with the synonym Pregnancy Test as a sub-concept of Laboratory Procedure.
> - Slide 3: the concept with the preferred term Postpartum Hypertensions as a sub-concept of Finding.
> Slide 4 relates CDISC's Controlled Terminologies for SDTM submissions values to NCIt concepts.
> Slide 5 show the way CDISC today publish the Controlled Terminologies packages as Excel matrixes on CDISC website.
> Slide 6-8 visualise the hierarchies in NCIt for the concepts that have been in aligned to CDISC VSTEST Codes.
> - Slide 6-7 highlights that VSTEST Codes in many cases using concepts that are not sub-concepts of Observation. For example, DIABP is defined as the "The blood pressure after the contraction of the heart while the chambers of the heart refill with blood." and not the measurement of it.
> -Slide 8 highlights that the VSTEST Codes in other cases are sub-concepts of Observation, e.g. the sub-concept Pulse Rate.
> Slide 9 show examples of records in a SDTM Vital Signs (VS) dataset. Including the permissible variables that have the role as record qualifiers for VSPOS (patient positions) and VSLOC (measurement location). 
> Slide 10 show an example of Hypertension in SDTM can be classified as a Medical History record as a risk factor in a clinical study.
> Slide 11 show how Pregnancy is listed as a type of Disposition event in SDTM together with other types of events such as Lack of Efficacy and Withdrawal of Informed Consent.
> Slide 12 show an overview of secondary use in Drug Development.


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