RE: problem getting zakim to accept DSE TC


Sorry you couldn't get unmuted-- I did see a "Sean_Martin" on the zakim particpant list, perhaps zakim thinks that was you.

I will forward the DIA (not CDISC) info, and we should have a discussion about what we would like to talk about at the panel soon... I'll set a up a call next week.


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Hi All,


I managed to get into the conference but none of you could hear me
unfortunately, I think my mute button is broken, apologies for that. 

I'd missed the units of alcohol consumed of the CDISC data set so will
add to the CDISC standard. 

Kirsten/Bo I believe you were assigned the task of pulling together an
example biomarker.  If you have ideas for the data/format that's
required I'm happy to create the dummy data to link to the sets we
already have, feel free to give me a ring and we can discuss.  Otherwise
I'm happy to create something.  Any indication people would prefer,
otherwise I'll just dig something up, possibly genomic. 


I'll also have a play with the vital signs example in the N3 notation. 


Eric I'll make sure I'm registered for the CDISC conference on the 18th.
If you need to talk to me before that just give me a ring on





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I am available now, but would need a call in number. Is it possible to
conf call through you?


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Sorry for that, I will off skiing next week.
Bosse and I have some questions we would like to discuss

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Subject: problem getting zakim to accept DSE TC

Folks, it seems Zakim is not expecting us today, so we're having
problems calling in... possibly Zakim thinks that DSE is ONLY on every
other friday, skipping today's call.

If I can't get operator help by 8:45am, I suggest we cancel until next
week. Sorry about that...


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