Useful concepts for DSE

Some useful patterns to keep in mind for our next TC, when working  
with the SDTM and JANUS data models:

- N-Ary relations (can be blank nodes) can be used to establish  
relations between 2 or more sets of data: complex data sets
- Use of subclasses and subsumption to model data types, rather than  
tables : e.g., <Intervention stop_trials> a  <owl:class  
- Require tables (with RDF mappings) for only large sets of things:  
events, findings, interventions, studies, subjects, etc; things like  
clinic sites, arms, decision stages can be done via small RDF graphs  
that reference table elements via a URI
- Relations between an event and a finding can be done using standard  
RDF predicate statements: no new cross table needed!
- Non-repudability and authenticity : digitally sign findings with  
evaluator (password) and tag as a private/public keyed hash value

I also want you to inform everyone that the new HCLS-DSE mailing list  
<> is now active,
and you'll need to subscribe to it: <public-hcls-dse->   Subject: subscribe


Received on Tuesday, 17 October 2006 23:49:40 UTC