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I would be very happy to pick this work up again if we have a sufficient number of people to support and contribute - we all know that inevitably this has to be done at some point and I think the right people in those orgs also know. The initial work on this was extremely positive and we had a good amount of academic support and also from people like Tim Berners-Lee and Bruce Schneier.

Of course there will always be individuals who want to shoot things down. I'd like to take a positive stance and say that if we can present the practical and security case for this work, then we can certainly bring on board the right people from some of those large organisations who may not even know of the existence of this. 

I would be interested in the views of the people on this list about setting up a sit-rep call, and also Wendy who was originally involved from the W3C side but who I believe has moved to a different domain. I believe we still need to sign-off the report on this?


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> That group is not that active as it could not find a way to start 
> implementation and experimentation, neither endorsement from browser

Imagine that. Google/Microsoft/etc deadlocking something so critically important.

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